Getting stronger one day at a time.

Our Small Group Training classes are designed to challenge our Members to achieve new levels of strength. Whether you want to improve your range of motion, want to up your cardiovascular health and strength, or simply want to try something new - our Small Group Training classes are perfect for you.

Man doing push-ups

HIIT Training

High-intensity interval training, also known as sprint interval training, is a form of training that alternates short periods of intense exercise with less intense recovery periods.


Small Group Mobility

Can't touch your toes? Your squash and golf games not going the way you would like them to? Enhance your performance while increasing your mobility and decreasing pain.


Boxing gloves


Boxing is a great alternative to regular exercise methods and a great way to improve your cardiovascular health, strength, and overall fitness. These classes are fun, interactive forms of training that will have you pushing your limits and achieving your goals.



What are the benefits of Small Group Training?

5 benefits of Small Group Training:

  • Motivation: Training with a small group can be a massive boon for those who have trouble motivating themselves to get in their workout.
  • Exercises: Trainers will provide a variety of exercises each week to keep it fun and challenging.
  • Training Time: Set training times so you dedicate time to your workout.
  • More Personalized Workouts: The instructor can set exercises that match members of the group and you're given additional personalized time with your trainer.
  • Goals: Setting and reaching your goals are easier when you spend extra time with your trainer and are motivated by your fellow Members.

How many Members are permitted to join each class?

Our Small Group Training classes allow a maximum of 4 Members/class. Please contact the instructor directly to sign-up.

Is there a cost to participate in these classes?

There is an additional cost for joining these Small Group Training classes - $150 for 6 classes. If you have questions about the cost or the class itself, please contact the class' instructor directly. 

How do I sign up for a Small Group Training class?

To sign up for our Small Group Training classes, please contact the class' instructor directly.

HIIT Training: Contact Ryan
Group Mobility: Contact Carlos
Boxing: Contact Aziam

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