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The Most Powerful Motivation to Exercise?

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Every once in a while, a person’s motivation to exercise is so remarkable, it literally moves us. Perhaps to tears. And hopefully to action…

You know that exercise is incredibly good for you. Yet that knowledge is often not enough. Not enough to get you out of bed in the wee hours… not enough to endure the effort and discomfort every tough workout requires… not enough to make you stick to it for the long haul.

Sometimes we need a reason that is bigger than ourselves.

Creating exercise goals with the understanding of how they will impact those we love, can be one of the most powerful motivations there is.

A desire to more effectively care for those we love. A desire to keep up with, ride, run, and play with those we love who may – just at this moment – be a little faster, stronger, younger. A desire to set an incredible example – such that those we love are inspired to take better care of themselves too. 

Ultimately, you want YOU to be the reason to take better care of yourself. But having a reason “bigger” than yourself is a powerful way to get the engine started. To energize the initial days and weeks when it’s tough to muster the energy to commit to a workout at the end of the day. When the side effects can be brutal. Your muscles ache and it’s tough to maintain the intensity and enthusiasm. And the exercise itself… well it just isn’t fun. It might even feel like you’re not terribly good at it.

Then an interesting, even wonderful thing happens. The weeks pass and suddenly it’s easier to get out of bed in the dark. The aches dissipate. The exercise is suddenly enjoyable. You are progressing. Feeling better and stronger in ways you never anticipated. Ways that maybe never mattered before are suddenly really salient. You start to crave that mental boost, that feeling of being powerful, that happiness or calm that comes at the end of a great workout. The activity itself is becoming habitual.

Your initial reason to exercise is now bolstered, bubble wrapped with multiple motivations. Now nothing will stand in your way.

Today’s Inspiration

“If you think lifting is dangerous, try being weak.” - Bret Contreras

Today’s Workout

Happy Monday! Penny’s workout is here to brighten your lunchtime!


Join Penny today for her Total Body Conditioning workout! Challenge your cardio and strengthen your muscles from head to toe with this incredibly effective no-nonsense bodyweight training.

Recommended equipment: a chair and either dumbbells or exercise resistance bands or 2 full wine (or water) bottles (whichever you have access to!)

Join Penny at 12:00pm (30 minutes) from your own living room.

Click here to join the workout.

Meeting ID: 864 5295 2847
Password: 991724


Click here to view our weekly schedule.

If you have questions about our virtual live workouts, please reach out to Lauren.

Today's Trainer Moves

Over the first 12 days of December, Lauren has taken us through 12 amazing exercises, culminating in a great, basic program for everyone – from those who workout regularly to those who’ve been sitting at their computers since March.

So, as we promised on Thursday, here’s the full workout! Watch the video to follow along with Lauren, or scroll down for the written instructions.

1. Quaduped Plank

Align your hips over knees and shoulders over wrists. Try to maintain a neutral spine position while lifting your knees slightly. You should feel like your muscles are giving your midsection a nice hug…or like your muscles are on fire…

Hold anywhere from 10 to 60 seconds. Repeat 2 – 3 times. Be sure to maintain your hold position for the duration that works for you.

2. Wall Slides

Great for scapular mobility, shoulder stability, overall posture, and alignment. Start with shoulder blades against the wall, elbows at right angles, sliding hands and arms up and down as close to the wall as possible. Abs are engaged and your head is sitting right above your shoulder (not forward), keeping a nice double chin position. You should feel warm and fuzzies happening between your shoulder blades and lats.

Try 10 – 15 reps, 2 – 4 times.

3. Squat

Start with feet shoulder width apart or wider. Sit back toward the comfortable non-existent chair behind you. Keep your spine neutral as you hinge through the hips. Choose to do these with or without weights. Your weights can be anything (kids, dogs, wine bottles, furniture…). This exercise will fire up your glutes.

Try 10 -15 reps, 2 – 4 times.

4. Row

In a bent over position, bringing elbows back past the body, squeezing shoulder blades back and down. Keep the abs on and spine neutral. Using resistance (weights, soup cans, water jugs, resistance band) or not, you should still feel lots of work happening in the muscles in your back.

Try 12 – 15 reps, 2 -3 times.

5. Step Up

Start in a standing position with one foot on a step. Drive your weight through your whole foot to stand upright on upper step. Lower with control and repeat 10 -15 times on each side.

6. Lat Pulldown

Use a band or hand towel. Place hands wide and pull out and down towards the top of your chest. Engage abs and lats as you pull.

Try 12 – 15 reps, 2 -3 times.

7. Reverse Lunge

Start in a standing position. Step back into lunge, keeping abs on and spine neutral.

Try 10 – 15 reps, 2 – 3 times.

8. Push Up

Start with hands under your shoulders or wider. Try these on your toes, knees, or inclined. Lower your body toward the floor with control, then push back up, keeping your body in a plank position.

Repeat 8 – 12 times for 1 – 3 sets.

9. Calf Raises

Place the balls of your feet on the edge of the step. Tiptoe up tall, then slowly, with control, lower the heels down towards the floor. Should feel warm and fuzzy feelings in through the calves and up through your hamstrings and glutes. Ensure that you are standing tall with abs engaged.

Repeat 10 – 15 times for 2 – 3 sets.

10. Tricep Extension

Start with arms overhead and weight in hands. Lower weight carefully and extend to straighten elbows. Keep head position neutral and abs on.

Repeat 10 – 15 times for 2 – 3 sets.

11. Bicep Curl

Start in an upright standing position, curl weights (dumbbells, soup cans, or laundry detergent bottles). Keep control both on the way up and down.

Repeat 10 – 15 times for 2 – 3 sets.

12. Mountain Climb

In a plank position, start with a slow run and see if you can speed it up. Make sure that you are keeping your core strong and shoulders in position.

Try anywhere from 20 – 60 seconds.

For questions about today’s Trainer Moves, you can connect directly with Lauren here.


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