The Cambridge Club is unique among Toronto health clubs because of its members. The gentlemen who come here to play and work out are neither typical nor average. They may be among downtown Toronto’s corporate elite or they may be entrepreneurs set on disrupting the business status quo. They may be artists, doctors, writers, investors or tradesmen. Whatever their careers, they are without a doubt the top performers among their peers, operating at the top of their games. Success breeds success. And it’s among the Cambridge Club’s 1300 members that the concepts and realities of “achievement” are championed and nurtured. They do it through competitive sports such as squash, a game so central to the Club’s identity that we view it more as a philosophy for life than a game. They do it through intense wellness and fitness programs administered by the city’s top personal trainers. They do it in the Oak Room, where winding down with a pint, a gourmet meal and a few friends is all part of the plan. If your plan is to conquer every challenge that comes your way, the Cambridge Club is waiting for you.

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