The Cambridge Group of Clubs' Members have access to over 120 reciprocal clubs around the world. In addition, the Cambridge Club offers its members dining at the Toronto Athletic Club's Stratus Restaurant.

Dear Members,

Please be aware that Reciprocal Privileges continue to be suspended until further notice.

Some of our Reciprocal Partners may be reopening under different timelines than our own but this does not include Reciprocal Member Visits.

Should you have any questions, please feel free to contact Darcy Wefers or our CEO, Clive Caldwell directly.

Thank you for your understanding.

Our Reciprocal Partners



The Cambridge Club is a proud member of the International Health, Racquet, & Sports Club Association (IHRSA). Members who are travelling more than 50kms from their home club can visit an IHRSA club using the TrainAway App on their phone (available free through Google Play and the App Store). Please note: A Club specific invitation code is required from your Front Desk Staff to activate your TrainAway App.

International Associate Clubs

The Cambridge Club is an Associate Member of International Associate Clubs, which gives our Members access to approximately 250 participating Clubs worldwide. Click here and click on Clubs & Benefits - no need to sign-in.

Our Members need a letter of introduction and temporary IAC card from the Front Desk in order to take advantage of these IAC offerings. For more information, contact the Front Desk.