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"Soup of the Day"...just got Serious!

"The world breaks everyone and afterward many are strong at the broken places. But those that will not break, it kills." - Ernest Hemingway, A Farewell to Arms

None of us have experienced this before. So not one of us is an expert on what to do. We are all fumbling and failing. And then, occasionally, finding pure joy in moments we failed to see or experience before, and more often discovering talents and strengths we had either forgotten or never had. It is these things that will not only help us get through this, it will help us learn how to adapt, pivot, and perhaps even thrive. There is no weathering this storm without damage. The damage if we dissect it, and learn from it will make us stronger. The damage and the fleeting magical and positive moments together will ensure we can rebuild so that we are stronger in the broken places.

Workout of the Day

Candice Lewis wears a lot of hats: Her Personal Training Hat ensures she layers every workout with science, experience, and expertise. Her Mommy Hat ensures she understands the importance of a Rx-ing a workout that is quick, tough, fun, and really effective!

30 - 45 minute body-weight workout

Full body strength workout ramped up with a HIIT circuit! (2x through between each circuit!)

HIIT Circuit
  • Modified burpees x 10
  • High knees x 10
  • Butt kicks x 10
Circuit #1 (3 sets)
  • Spiderman push-up x 10
  • Side-to-side lunges x 20 (10 reps/side)
  • 45 seconds of mountain climbers (controlled)
  • Russian twists x 30 (15 reps/side alternating)

HIIT Circuit
  • Modified burpees x 10
  • High knees x 10
  • Butt kicks x 10
Circuit #2 (3 sets)
  • Quadruped x 30 reps (reaching opposite arm/leg; 15 reps on right side, 15 reps on left side)
  • Bench dips x 15 reps (use coffee table?)
  • Static lunges x 20 reps/side
  • Standing heels raises for calves x 30

HIIT Circuit
  • Modified burpees x 10
  • High knees x 10
  • Butt kicks x 10
Circuit #3 (3 sets)
  • Side plank on knees with leg abduction x 15 reps/side
  • Single leg hip lift x 20 reps/side
  • Leg raises x 10
  • Wall sit x 45 seconds

HIIT Circuit
  • Modified burpees x 10
  • High knees x 10
  • Butt kicks x 10

You can connect with Candice here about any questions you have about this circuit.

Naturopathic Wisdom of the Day

Greens for immunity!

Eat 1 cup of organic, steamed or sauteed leafy greens daily: Spinach, kale, collards, chard, and other dark leafy greens are high in B vitamins which improve the system's resilience to stress; a deficiency in vitamin B6 in particular causes depressed immunity and can compromise detoxification pathways.

For questions about this and other naturopathic remedies, you can connect directly with Dr. Cugliari here.

Bite of the Day

I am LOVING the easy, simplicity, look, smell, and taste of sheet pan meals. You can also keep the ingredients divided and then serve different things to the picky ones at the table. And if you like the char of the BBQ, but aren't heading outside to cook yet - you can get that same effect, but with a bit more control than the veggie basket.

Check out this delicious sheet pain meal featuring Curried Sweet Potato Chickpeas!


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