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Written by: Rob Coates, Director of Personal Training, Toronto Athletic Club

We’re VERY excited to announce the relaunch of our Small Group Training (SGT) at the Toronto Athletic Club & Adelaide Club!

SGT classes give Members access to our best and brightest trainers who have created specialized training programming that focuses on compelling exercise that has a massive benefit when performed with expert coaching.

The class sizes are limited and offer an affordable way to help Members take their training and goals to the next level.

How is SGT different from group fitness classes?
  1. Instructor-to-member ratio will be smaller in SGT (4-6 clients max in an SGT session)
  2. We will be coaching more advanced modes of exercise, utilizing equipment in the gym

This opens up tons of opportunities to work with more complex movements and programs which require more refined and focused coaching and support from the trainer

  1. Programming will be done in a progressive manner, building on each week of the series

With a fixed number of participants, each SGT session can be tailored to the participants and trainers can plan their progressive overloads in a far more exact manner vs the group exercise setting

  1. You can organize your own group, choosing who you workout with

Whether it be colleagues from the office or friends with similar goals, we are happy to devote a specific time and program for your desired outcomes. The experience will be one that fosters team building, improves motivation via comradery, and helps to push one another to reach goals you might not otherwise accomplish

Each Club will have a slightly different approach to SGT…

The Format at the TAC:
  • Clients/Groups will be committing to an 8-Week Series of one SGT session/week
  • A commitment of 6 sessions @ $40 per each attendee will be your initial investment
    • We expect clients to miss 1-2 sessions out of the 8 weeks due to travel & work commitments
  • If you’re able to attend the first 6 sessions in the first 6-7 weeks, you can do the remaining classes free of charge
  • You cannot carry-over sessions after the 8-week series has ended
    • This keeps you accountable and ensures the trainers can devote the time in their schedule to the full series of sessions
  • There will be a $50 drop-in rate for non-exclusive classes

If you’re interested in organizing a Small Group Training session with friends or colleagues, please reach out to Rob.

For more information on the different SGT offerings, please refer to our website.

The Format at the Adelaide:
  • Beginning this month, we’ll be offering two complimentary Small Group Training workshops
  • Join Candice for “Grade A-Arms” on Tuesdays, beginning October 18th and running until November 1st, at 12:00pm (45 minutes)
    • Sculpt, lift, and build muscle in your upper body
  • Join Mike for “Improve your Compound Lifts” on Wednesdays, beginning October 19th and running until November 2nd, at 5:30pm (45 minutes)
    • Squat & row, deadlift & press, and bench & lunge

If you’re interested in signing up for one of these workshops, please contact the Front Desk or through the app.

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