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Celebrating the Adelaide's Community with Winville

Winville, a banker in Toronto’s downtown core, first became a member at the Adelaide Club in 1993. He left when work took him away from the city, and rejoined the Club again when he returned in 2003. He’s seen the Club through a number of its changes – fondly remembering the rock wall and forest green flooring – but believes the Adelaide has, simply, never looked better than it does right now.

When Winville first came to the Adelaide Club, he was driven by a desire to focus on his personal fitness, quickly joining the Club’s running group – which he’s been a member of ever since, but more on that a bit later. And his reasons for remaining a member today? They don’t deviate from that original desire much; he’s now focused on staying in shape and maintaining his active lifestyle.

But what’s kept Winville at the Adelaide is more than just his desire to stay in shape. Sure, the space itself and the state-of-art equipment has helped, but it’s the people that really make the Club what it is – “What separates the Adelaide Club is the people who work here – it’s like a family. Garth has been here forever, and I remember when Lorna was at the front desk.”

It’s that sense of family that has helped to create a community amongst members and staff alike. While other gyms and clubs focus on business, Winville states that the Adelaide Club is different. From staff knowing every member’s name to the team’s genuine interest in understanding the fitness goals of the members, Winville heralds the Adelaide as being about more than just health and fitness; he believes, and rightly so, that there is an importance placed upon building long lasting relationships.



“What separates the Adelaide Club is the people who work here – it’s like a family.”



We mentioned the Adelaide’s running group a bit earlier, but it’s very clear that this group is a huge part of Winville’s community here at the Adelaide. This group meets every day, all year around, at the front desk at 12:20pm sharp. Whether it’s as warm as +40oC or as cold as -20oC, the group still heads out, picking up members from other Clubs along the way, and runs together. They talk about work and politics, and tell stories and jokes. There is one important rule though: no headphones!

While the majority of Winville’s time at the Club is spent out running or working out in one of the fitness spaces, he credits the HUB’s lounge as his favourite space in the Adelaide. He can often be found in front of the big tv, watching the game or highlights, while enjoying a smoothie from the HUB – claiming that it’s the best place to relax and unwind after a long workout.



The three words that best describe the Adelaide Club: fitness, health, & goals



As a longtime member of the Adelaide, we had to ask Winville if he had any recommendations for new members or those considering joining the Club. His answer was a simple one. First, he suggests all new members get an assessment with Peter – the best way to start off the on right foot. Second, he highlights the importance of setting realistic goals – by doing so, you’ll stay more motivated. And, finally, he hits the nail right on the head – you need to keep coming back and stick with your goals – even if you aren’t progressing as quickly as you thought you would, you won’t make any progress at all if you don’t stick with them. And, really, we don’t think we could have said it any better ourselves!

In celebration of our 40th year, we’re featuring members of our community, from longtime and new members, like Winville, to our trainers and staff. Stay tuned for their stories all throughout the year and keep your eyes peeled for our newest campaigns featuring Winville.

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