Katelyn Sander

Introducing the WorkHUB

Living Well

Our post-pandemic world promises changes in how we do things, especially when it comes to work. The way we work has evolved, and the needs of workers have become more complex. From hybrid work models to midday mental health breaks (that now include workouts), we are fully embracing this change at the Adelaide Club and adapting to meet the needs of our members.

In trying to make the return to work more appealing for those returning downtown, we are proud to be launching a new Adelaide WorkHUB co-working space, accessible for Members from all 3 of our Clubs.

Our WorkHUB offers spacious and comfortable seating, portable charging stations, laptop stands, earphones, and all the accessories you need to transform the Club into your new, favourite work station. And for those meetings where you need a little extra privacy? We have a private meeting room that is exclusively available to our Adelaide Members. Bookings can be scheduled up to one month in advance through the Front Desk.

After your workout, stay to catch up on email, join a Zoom call, or finish up that last minute memo. This new space ensures that our Members are able to consistently fit their workouts into their busy schedules, even after returning to the office.

We are also pleased to announce that we have partnered with Village Juicery, a local producer and distributor of fresh, organic cold pressed juices. They have helped us create a Grab & Go menu for the HUB that includes juices, smoothies, wraps, and salads from Village Juicery, along with protein drinks, bars, cookies, and other delicious treats. Click here to view our menu.

Stop by the WorkHUB after your next workout to experience this phenomenal space.

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