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It's Going to be a Good Day

"Soup of the Day"...just got Serious!

It's going to be a good day.

“Good” is an interesting word. It seems a bit ordinary at first glance, but we would do well to fully embrace the real importance and positive power of being “good.” It’s not that we shouldn’t aspire for excellence, exceed people’s expectations, reach for the stars… All these things are wonderful and make life worth living. But when being good is good enough, that’s important too.

You have that neighbour, who often invites you over for an easy dinner of good homemade soup and domestic beer. It’s such a good night! What if that neighbour could only bear to have elaborately perfect dinner parties, pressed linen and wine pairing to boot? Maybe then he’d only host you once or twice a year. I think you get my point. Today, do something good. Something simple and easy. It will absolutely be appreciated, it is far more likely you will do it again, and it is far more likely your good measure will be reciprocated. What a good idea.

Workout of the Day

What a coup to have a General Manager who is also a kick-ass Personal Trainer!!! I hope the guys at the Cambridge Club know how lucky they are. Paul Hudson – caring for a small child at home – also fully appreciates the value and importance of an effective workout that’s easy to follow and fit in.

Here's one of his at home recommendations:

A1) Body-weight Split Squat - 3 sets x 15 reps (each leg)

Watch video here

A2) Body-weight Sprinter Bridge - 3 x 10 each leg (this exercise can be performed with your feet on the floor)

Watch video here

A3) Front Plank 3 x 45 seconds

Watch video here

Rest: 60 seconds

B1) Supported Body-weight Reverse Lunge 3 x 10 (each leg)

Watch video here

B2) Banded Lateral Step 3 x 20 (20 side steps each direction)

Watch video here

B3) Bird Dog 3 x 15 extensions each side

Watch video here

Rest: 60 seconds

C1) Single Leg Body-weight Dead Lift 3 x 15-20 (each leg)

Watch video here

C2) Front Step Up 3 x 12-15 (each leg)

Watch video here

C3) Side Plank 3 x 20 seconds (each side)

Watch video here

Rest: 60 seconds and then some. You deserve it!

For questions about this workout, you can connect with Paul directly here.

Hidden Treasure of the Day

Cambridge Club Member Robert Keene helped us uncover this week’s treasure:

Talented, wonderful Gordon Lightfoot is a long-standing member at the Cambridge Club. He was apparently cleaning his office and discovered two CDs of songs he had forgotten about. (I typically find stale Cheerios and unpaid bills which is almost as exciting.) Gordon recently released the album “Solo” which is a rerecording of these “forgotten songs” with just Gordon and his guitar.

Have a listen tonight!

Exercise Fundamental of the Day

Principle 3: "Not enough time" is NOT the problem.

Having trouble fitting in as much exercise as you’d like? Having trouble getting it in at all? Don’t blame it on lack of time. 

Hang on. Before you get too irritated, pissed off, or ready to dismiss me and my humble opinion, read a few more words: I’m not for a moment suggesting that you aren’t incredibly busy. For many of us, in unexpected ways we are busier than ever. Nor am I suggesting that fitting regular exercise into your schedule isn’t a significant challenge. What I am suggesting – no stating – is that determining that lack of time is the problem is not going to help you.

Remember when… You set a big, hairy, audacious goal? …Or were inspired to try a new, exciting activity? …Or were frightened enough by some specific event that you suddenly knew you HAD to start exercising again/more/differently?

Remember? And you MADE time to exercise. Getting exercise in isn’t about HAVING time. It’s about MAKING time. It’s about making that wicked goal, the awesome activity, or your health and longevity a priority. It’s about making exercise a PRIORITY. It’s about making YOURSELF a priority.

You can have loads of priorities. Exercise – and therefore you – NEED (not should, need) to be one of them.

So, at one point exercise WAS a priority. And then… no… you didn’t run out of time… remember? You stopped making it priority. Because why? Likely because you weren’t getting enough out of the activity.  Exercise can be tough, uncomfortable, challenging, boring… So, we need to be getting enough out it. What “enough” is, is of course different for all of us. “Enough” is about getting results. Making tangible progress. Noticing a difference. That the “something” we get out of it, is “enough” to warrant the time and energy devoted, the discomfort endured, and the missing of the “other thing” we had to skip in order to exercise.

Let me state it simply: In order to keep exercise a priority, the exercise needs to provide tangible, personally valuable results. (If you can also figure out a way to make it fun or enjoyable, that is the real secret.)

Getting results from exercise can be tricky. Depending on what results you’re looking for.

The topic of achieving the more elusive results is a fascinating one to me. And I will dive into that another time… For today, let’s focus predominantly on more achievable results.

Okay. How do we ensure exercise remains a priority?

State clearly your MAIN goal. Write it down. The more specific you can be, the better. Add an expected timeline too. That helps.

Is your goal achievable? Within the timeframe stipulated? 

If you’re certain it is not, you need some new goals. Now is not the time for other one. You can come back to it another time. Or it might be that you need to get some help. Most great trainers have years of education and experience for a reason: Getting goals through exercise, is tricky.

If your answer to the goal attainment is maybe or even yes, you still need some new goals. Not to replace the main one, but to support it.

Here’s the thing: some goals are easier to achieve than others. The simple act of goal achievement, however small the goal, serves as positive reinforcement for whatever activity facilitated that result. People with multiple goals are far more likely to exercise over the long term than people with a singular goal. This is particularly true when weight loss or aesthetic change is the only goal.

And a really cool thing happens when you focus on the smaller, more tangible goals: the importance of those small goals begins to grow. Suddenly feeling strong is so awesome. Suddenly being more mentally clear and focused is so powerful.

Another cool thing that happens: as you continue to exercise, certain activities become less onerous, less painful, uncomfortable. They either become less challenging or you begin to look forward to the challenge. Exercise even becomes more fun. So, the “downside” to exercise is much smaller… which means, ironically, the results don’t need to be quite so dramatic. You find yourself heading out for a 20-minute walk because you know you will feel less stressed afterwards and will be more productive at work. Important goals. Not terribly glamourous, but important, lifelong goals. The kind that will keep you exercising, forever!

Bite of the Day

In case you have a wee bit more time to play in the kitchen this weekend… there is sometimes nothing better than lasagna. This one – from the Barefoot Contessa – is one of my absolute favourites. I’ve been making it for more than a decade!

Enjoy this scrumptious Turkey Lasagna recipe here.


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