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Learning the Power of Community with Nat & Tina

A new year means new ads in the PATH around the Adelaide Club. If you’ve recently gone underground to travel to and from the Club, we’re guessing you’ve seen our new marketing pieces featuring members Nat & Tina!

Both Nat (who was a member in the 2000s for a few years and returned to the Club in 2016) and Tina (who’s been a member since 2015) are staples around the Club. They can often be found getting in a workout in the STRENGTH Gym, taking advantage of the Club’s amenities in the women’s locker room, and challenging themselves with their friends in Strength Lab.

Why did you to join the Adelaide Club?

Tina (T): Back in 2015 when I was looking for a gym that fit my needs, I walked into the Adelaide and immediately felt at home. It’s a home away from home for me – which is a good thing because I spend a lot of time here! In addition to the overall feel of the gym, what stood out to me from other fitness clubs in the downtown core is the Strength Lab program.

Nat (N): I came back to the Club because of the positive environment. It’s comfortable and respectful. Everyone, to the best of my knowledge, accepts each other regardless of fitness level or body shape. We’re all here to sweat it out.

What are your favourite spaces in the Club?

N: Hands down, the women’s locker room – it’s beautiful! It has everything a woman needs, and the cherry on top is that because all the group fitness classes are staggered, you never have to wait for a shower. It’s the most convenient women’s locker room I’ve ever been in!

T: Actually, the first time I visited the Club, Nat told me I had to check out the locker room [laughs] – it’s definitely her favourite! For me, I love the STRENGTH Gym. The equipment is great, and it’s a unique space that elevates the Adelaide above other gyms in the area. Overall, I love the convenience of the location of the Adelaide as it’s close to work, and the Club’s hominess.

What makes Strength Lab so special for you?

NOTE: Strength Lab is a program at the Club that combines Olympic lifting and calisthenics in a class setting. Tina has been a member of the program since 2016 and Nat since 2017.


“It really is all about the people and the community. The workout is just a bonus.
Everyone should try Strength Lab!” - Tina


T: Strength Lab really fills a niche and offers a combination of activities that isn’t covered by the other classes at the Club (i.e. Olympic lifting, barbell work, functional movement, gymnastics skills, etc.), run by CrossFit certified coaches. When I was looking to join a gym, I was looking for a program like this.

When I joined, I was hooked from the very beginning. I couldn’t lift a barbell over my head at first! The program itself might seem intimidating to some, but the coaches are great in breaking down movements, making it feel less scary and helping you do everything safely.

I also love that Strength Lab has a pretty equal split between male and female members.

N: I’m more into endurance sports and most of my training concentrates on that, so I certainly was out of my element at first. But, from day one, I felt comfortable in Strength Lab because of the smaller class sizes and personal attention from the coach. A fun community also made a world of difference for me. Because the class is so focused on form and technique, I’ve been able to see and track my growth and progress. The entire class centres around mutual progress – we work together so we can succeed together.

We’re a tightknit group who’ve gotten to know each other outside of class and the Club as well. We’ve done socials in the HUB, gone out to brunch, and participated in Spartan races together.

Recommendations for new members at the Club, or someone considering joining?


“Adelaide has great social events and celebrations that showcase the Club’s amazing community. So, make sure to find time to join in the fun!” – Nat


T: With so many options, for someone who’s just joined and isn’t looking to commit to a personal trainer, the Club’s Small Group Training workshops offer all of their expertise and experience without the commitment. I also think that having a women’s only fitness gym is a major benefit for some ladies who’re considering joining.

N: When I joined, I tried pretty much every single group fitness class on the calendar to find instructors and classes I like the most. And after all that hard work, go use the sauna – one of my favourite hidden gems.

What three words best describe the Adelaide Club?

N: Comfortable. Inclusive. Fun.

T: Supportive. Motivating. Funner.

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