Stay Fit this Summer While on Vacation
Katelyn Sander

Stay Fit this Summer While on Vacation

Ah summer - patios, sun, fun, and, of course, VACATION!!!! Just because you have some time off doesn’t mean you should throw your workout routine out the window. You don’t want all your hard work over the last few months to be compromised just because you may not have a gym or the right equipment available to you.

Staying fit and keeping up with your workouts while on vacation is really not as tedious as it sounds. Here are some simple tips to help you stay in shape while enjoying your time off.

  • Heading to the cottage? You can easily bring a resistance band and a yoga mat with you and start your morning with a workout on the dock or the deck. This doesn’t have to be too strenuous, but it’s important to keep up your routine, and what a lovely environment to do so! You can also plan to run, bike, hike, kayak, or swim with family and friends - no excuses!
  • Heading to a place you’ve never been? Go for a site seeing run or book an active tour on foot or bike to see the city.
  • Staying in a hotel? Most hotels have a gym, so all you have to do is pack your workout gear and plan to hit the weights a few times while you’re away. You’ll feel way more energized to tackle the day if you do.
  • Try something new! Even if you’re planning a “staycation,” you could try a new activity like standup paddle boarding or kite-surfing.
  • Play in the sand. If you’re on a beach or lake with lots of sand, try going for a run (oh, the burn you’ll feel), or do some yoga and really challenge your balance.

The most important part of working out while on vacation is for you to have fun! Don’t stress if you miss a day - this is vacation after all - but try to get creative to maintain the gains you worked so hard for this winter. Get out and enjoy mother nature and explore all she has to offer.

Have questions about incorporating a workout during your vacation? Reach out today and I can help you make a plan!


Dena Ryde, Personal Trainer & Certified Nutritional Practitioner, Adelaide Club

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