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The Easiest Exercise to Add to Your Day

Are you sitting down right now? What if I told you that you could burn up to 8-10 times more energy than sitting with 1 easy exercise? And what if I told you that you could do this without needing any extra training or special equipment? The best part of all is that you can actually add this in ON THE WAY to and from the Club.

Keen to know what it is? I’m talking about taking the stairs.

You may intuitively know that taking the stairs has many health benefits. Some major benefits of regular daily stair climbing include increasing your aerobic endurance, reducing your risk of stroke, decreasing blood glucose levels, improving lipid profiles, and, of course, body composition…hello glute muscles!

A commonly overlooked benefit that comes from taking the stairs is a boost to your brain health. In fact, a study from the journal Neurobiology of Aging has shown that when measuring the volume of grey matter using MRIs in adults, the more flights of stairs a person climbed, the “younger” their brain’s age will be.

What’s even more encouraging is that research has found that by just adding in 1 more flight of stairs daily, you could shave HALF a year off of your brain’s age. Who doesn’t want that?

Additionally, a study conducted at Concordia University examined the effect of 9 physical activities on improving brain health (these included running, cycling, squash/tennis, and swimming) concluding that climbing the stairs was the only activity that produced a significant effect on brain aging.

If opting for the stairs to boost your physical and mental health isn’t motivating enough, there’s also the social benefit of avoiding awkward eye contact with that certain someone in the elevator.

Now if you’re not currently a stair taker and wondering where the easiest place to start getting your stair climbing in is – look no further than our Clubs. Your body and brain will thank you.

At the Adelaide Club, our newly renovated staircase features a stunning gallery of photos and posters highlighting important moments in sport history. There are honestly no stairs quite like the stairs to and from the Club.

At the Toronto Athletic Club, it’s simple to add stairs to your day – just move part of your workout to our Strength Lab, pool, Pilates loft, squash courts, or fitness studios, and voila!

See you on the stairwell.


Rosie Moore, Personal Trainer & Yoga Instructor, Adelaide Club

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