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The most remarkable IronMan?

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Written by: Meg Sharp, Director of Personal Training, Cambridge Group of Clubs

Determination, perseverance, optimism, and hope. For Chris Nikic these traits fueled hours of grueling training and ultimately pushed him over the finish line on his way to becoming the very first person with Down Syndrome to become an IronMan.

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As many of you know, it takes a remarkable person to compete in an Iron Athlete Race. In huge part due to the painful, seemingly endless training required leading up to the grueling race itself. 

For many Iron Athletes, mental strength is vital as well. Potentially more so for an athlete like Chris. Who encountered more than average challenges and hardships. Throughout this youth, his training, and the race itself.

Like other athletes, Chris’ body and mind were transformed during his training. He added powerful, enduring muscle to his frame. He became sharper, more confident.

Many of us have experienced the great mental and emotional benefits of exercise. Like Chris we gain confidence and mental focus. Many experience joy. And not just transient. A sense of fulfillment, even happiness lingers throughout the days. We are less prone to depression, frustration, and anger.

Did you know – as Chris experienced – that exercise also makes you more resilient to single, acute bouts of stress? For people who are considered equally happy and even keeled, it is those who exercise who retain positive affect during acute psychological and physiological stress. We who are physically active are able to maintain a higher state of optimism and happiness. For Chris, he was able to hang on to hope. See his dream with a degree of clarity despite the agony and exhaustion that coursed through his entire being. 

I have not had the honour of meeting Chris. I bet he was a remarkable and resilient person long before becoming an Iron Man. And I bet training gave him an additional mental edge. A new and improved resilience that will benefit him for years and the trying moments to come.

Mental and physical strength. Incredible fortitude. An ability to stay hopeful and positive no matter what.

Chris Nikic: You are truly an inspiration at a time when many of us need it most.

And thank you Lorna Caldwell for sharing this remarkable story with me.




Inspiration of the Day

“I learned that there are no limits. Do not put a lid on me.” – Chris Nikic, IronMan Finisher

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What exactly is it about intense exercise that seems to confer so many psychological benefits?

Higher levels of blood flow to the brain is considered one of the most potent mechanisms. And the higher heart and respiration rates due to high intensity activities will do that for sure. But what about simply focusing more? What about using your brain to make the intensity of the movement higher? Engage different or more muscle fibers? Create higher levels of tensions in unexpected areas? Does exercising with higher mental engagement and mental intensity help? I bet it does. Try a few intense moves with Meg here.

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