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Transformation can be Tough

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By: Meg Sharp, Fitness & Wellbeing Consultant, Cambridge Group of Clubs

Let’s cut to the chase on this one: Getting results, creating change through exercise can be TOUGH. Whether you’re looking to improve mood or mental clarity, run faster, get leaner, lose weight, or increase your power.

Our trainers are among the smartest, most experienced, transformational coaches out there.

Let Us Help YOU

Every single body – pro athletes and personal trainers included (especially?) – benefits from an expert set of eyes and guidance to help them ensure their journey is safer, quicker, more effective, and more enjoyable. Who doesn’t want great workouts and great results in less time, without getting injured?

We can make you resilient.

One of the most powerful things our trainers do is help you rebuild your foundation. Based on work, play, and life we develop areas that become overly strong and some that are weak. We help you identify those patterns and teach you how to retrain your body so you become more balanced, symmetrical, and robust. We help you develop an amazing ability to brace and activate your core, hips, and shoulders so that everything you do, you do with more power, ease, and grace.

We can make you lean.

Changing body composition is one of the toughest challenges out there. It’s also one of the most common. Exercise is integral to getting and maintaining a leaner frame. You need to add muscle. You need to learn how to do specific compound lifts with proficiency. You need to layer in workouts that are metabolically. You need to optimize sleep and nutrition. Helping you choregraph this tricky dance is one of our favourite things to do.

We can build your confidence.

Strength training is VITAL. For everyone. We hear from so many people that they are uncomfortable in strength training/weight lifting spaces. Let us show you the exercises and equipment you need. Let us teach you how to lift and move. Let us coach and empower so you can rock that workout on your own. 

We make it fun.

The other main reason people drop out from exercise? They are bored/hate it/it’s no fun. Life is short. Time spent in the gym can be so much fun. It’s our playground. Let us show you how to play!

There is so much a trainer can do to help you. This is one of the reasons why we offered you a complimentary session when you first joined us. If you realize you would benefit from a session, please reach out now!

You don’t have to train all the time in order to benefit! We are so happy to work with you for whatever length time you think would be beneficial. We can help you rebuild your foundation over 4-6 weeks. We can restructure your current workouts in 3-4 sessions. We can help you improve your running or cycling mechanics in 2-3 sessions. We’re thrilled to work with you for a few weeks now, and then jump back in in a few months when you’re ready to advance.

Your body, your time, your energy is precious. Don’t waste it.

Let us help. You’ll be amazed by the results.

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