Checking In on Your Health
It’s been awhile, so we thought we’d check in on you and see how you’re feeling! Don’t start your winter hibernation early! There’s still time to get out on the golf...
Enter Sandman
Perhaps you’re tired of hearing about the benefits of sleep (pun fully intended). And all the fantastic sleep hygiene tactics people love to give a nod or two to… I stumbled...
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To Parents, with love.
Dear Parents, Grandparents, & Caregivers of children and teens: I urged you yesterday that “now is your time to take care of you.” We do this in the face of knowing that for...
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It's YOUR time.

To make yourself a priority. To take care of yourself. To begin anew. To start to regain any fitness, strength, vitality, centeredness, joy you may have let slide the past few months.

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Cooking Up our Fall Favourites
So, it seems like fall is officially here – whether we were ready for it or not. But, fear not, the arrival of cooler temperatures and earlier sunsets means we can start sharing some of our...
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We're ready and so are you.
We miss you. We want and need wonderful you back in our Clubs. We are continuing to do everything we can to make that happen. We know you too are excited by the prospect of returning. If you...
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Health Clubs increase immune system function
Gotcha on that title, didn’t I?! And it’s true. Regular exercise is a pillar of healthy living. There’s evidence to support that it contributes directly to better immune...
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Working out at home is better.
Better than the gym. Yep. I just said that. Because for certain things it IS better to not throw 200 pounds on your shoulders, slide under the bench press, jump onto the seated row. While all...
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Habits during challenging times
Habits. Whether healthy or unhealthy, they are created the same way: by repeating an action until it becomes a pattern. When life is relatively smooth, structure and routine are robust and it...
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