Get Your BRAIN Beach Ready!
Cutting and shredding are things I do to vegetables and cheese when I’m preparing dinner. On a related note, lately people have been asking what kinds of workouts will help them get...
The time to exercise is NOW!

It doesn’t matter how big, hairy, scary, or important your current challenge is. The time to start exercising, change your workouts, add to the intensity or duration, or frequency is NOW.

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Because Your Heart Matters
We write a lot of about the importance of resistance training. How powerful it is to visit and strengthen your end ranges. How this makes you more mobile, comfortable, capable. How lifting weights...
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Alcohol Guidelines: The Fine Print
The Government of Canada’s new guidelines on alcohol consumption have been formally published and there’s been a flurry of headlines and opinions. Some of the media responses have been...
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Let's talk. Let's listen. Let's try to help.
I was listening to one of my favourite Canadian Radio Personalities on CBC the other morning. He’s a clever, well-grounded, optimistic guy. “These are dark times for...
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Beyond Bro-Science and Bra-Science

Health and fitness are not immune to the influence of pop culture and, particularly at the “new year, new you” time of year, we may be tempted to foray into the latest trends.

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Small Steps for Success

We started the new year discussing resolutions and how powerful and important small steps can be in terms of being successful in achieving change.

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2023 Resolutions
“Resolution” has a number of different meanings. Scientifically, we might use the term to measure the sharpness of an image or explain the process of making distinguishable the...
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Design a New Year's Resolution that Works

New Year's resolutions are not designed to create achievable change.

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