Sweatworking is the new networking at these iconic Toronto clubs

The Cambridge Group makes its mark with high-quality fitness paired with rich social experiences.

This One's For You
Have you noticed an increase in runners out on the roads in your neighbourhood? Maybe it's because of Club closures across the city. Maybe it's just the start of the spring weather....
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Sharing Some Wednesday Wisdom
We know you've had to make a lot of adjustments in the last couple of weeks. You may now be working from home. Your stress and anxiety levels might be keeping you awake. You might be...
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Today is Your Day
For many of us, we're into our second week of isolation. That means more time at home with the family, increased stress, and maybe even fewer workouts. There is no better time to shake those...
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Much Needed Monday Motivation

Soup. Chock-a-block full of goodness and surprises. You never know what's going to end up on your spoon! So, dig in...

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Your Saturday Morning Wake-Up
Our schedules are really all over the place right now. Did you wake up this morning wondering what day of the week it even is? We did! And that's why we want to help you keep your routine...
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Embracing that Friday Feeling
'Cause soup is good food. Healthy, comforting...a gentle hug from the inside out. With all this social distancing, who couldn't use a good hug?!? Please tune in every day as we share our...
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Diet & Exercise Tips for Canadians 55 and Up
Ali El-Mokadem – one of our personal trainers at the Toronto Athletic Club – recently gave us some excellent exercise and nutrition tips targeted towards our Members in the 55+ age...
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5x5 Minutes with Meg: Women's Edition
Since 1910, the 8th of March has been considered globally by many as a day to celebrate women. International Women's Day Organization 2020 is supporting a number of important and laudable...
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