Sweatworking is the new networking at these iconic Toronto clubs

The Cambridge Group makes its mark with high-quality fitness paired with rich social experiences.

Is it Time for a Biomechanical Running Assessment?
Two of the clinicians at the Sport Medicine Clinic, Andrea Lilley (Athletic Therapist) and Briana Bradstreet (Physiotherapist), are now offering biomechanical running assessments. Biomechanical...
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Stay Fit this Summer While on Vacation
Ah summer - patios, sun, fun, and, of course, VACATION!!!!! Just because you have some time off doesn't mean you should throw your workout routine out the window. You don't want all your...
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5 Minutes with Meg: Shame Edition
I've been thinking a lot lately about...the power of positive thinking. There is no perfect, no 100%, no "I have to" or "should" in exercise and diet. There are lots of...
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John Frederick & the Boston Marathon
Earlier this year, John Frederick - a member at the Cambridge Club - became the first Canadian to run 34 consecutive Boston Marathons. He completed his 34th running of the event in 5:09:32 this...
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Why I'm Celebrating International Yoga Day
I believe yoga deserves a day of recognition because of what it has brought to my own life. Yoga not only helps with flexibility, but it also teaches breathing, core activation, and strength and...
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A Drugless Alternative for Menstrual Dysfunction
It is estimated that more than 50% of women experience some degree of pain with their period. The pain ranges from tolerable cramping to excruciating pain requiring the use of over-the-counter...
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Karen's Journey & Taking the Unconventional Path
When Karen Malone moved to Canada from Ireland in 1989, she had a high school diploma. But the CFO of the Cambridge Group of Clubs also had grit, determination, and a desire to learn. She...
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Lauren, Lori, & the Best Group Fitness Program in the City
If you've walked through the PATH near the Adelaide Club lately, you've probably seen the Club's new marketing featuring Lauren Neal, the Adelaide's Group Exercise Director, and...
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