Sweatworking is the new networking at these iconic Toronto clubs

The Cambridge Group makes its mark with high-quality fitness paired with rich social experiences.

Preventative Maintenance Massage: Why you need it & how often
Our massage therapists, practitioners, and trainers are all frequently asked how often our Members should receive a massage. Is it something you only need when you're injured? Should you get a...
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How to Throw a Healthy, Clean Twist on your BBQ Menu
We don't know about you, but the May long weekend oftentimes acts as our unofficial start to the summer, and, with that, usually comes a BBQ or two with friends and family. But we also know...
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You and Your Pelvic Floor: What You Need to Know
The muscles of the pelvic floor, how they function, and their importance seems to be all over the media lately. The fitness and wellness industry loves to latch onto some part of the body or some...
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The Truth Behind the Keto Diet
Over the last couple of years, trendsetters, famous actors, and popular food and nutrition blogs have all highlighted different types of low-carb/high-fat diets, including Paleo, South Beach, and...
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Putting the Spring in Your Cycling!
Spring is finally here. The roads are clear enough to dust off our skinny bikes and head north for some longer training rides. Whether you're currently increasing your riding volume for...
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The 20-Minute Rule for Mobility
Chairs have become the biggest rival to pain free movement: hips shorten, glutes deactivate, hamstrings press together, back begins to round, core disengages, and head sits forward. It's no...
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The GYROTONIC Method: How Could it Help You?
Have you hit a wall with your workouts? Are you struggling to rehab a lingering injury? Do you simply want a new exercise to add to your regular routine? It might be time for you to integrate a...
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Bracing & Shockwave Therapy at our Clinics
Members visit our Clinics for a number of reasons: whether they've been recently injured, they're suffering from regular aches and pains, or they need treatment to help with a chronic...
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