The importance of Jumping in your Workouts

What better time of year than now to add a little more Spring to your steps… and therefore your workouts.

Stunning Photography to Take Your Breath Away
Moments that take your breath away are typically the stuff of a rich, fulfilling life. Sometimes though being breathless can be an indication that your cardiorespiratory system could be stronger.
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Can exercise decrease tumor growth?
While it’s unclear exactly how, exercise seems to be beneficial in relation to cancer risk and outcomes. There is now compelling evidence that exercise may decrease tumor growth by...
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Blood, Sweat, & Tears

It’s time to get a little – or a lot! – more physical on this journey we’re taking together. First, let’s recap from last week...

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Adversity and Breaking Ground
As many bright young women do, in her mid-20s Elizabeth Blackwell wanted to go to medical school. One of her dearest friends suffered from a terminal illness and confided in Elizabeth that she...
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Size doesn't matter
May 5th, 1892. The Mexican Army, led by Ignacio Zaragoza was half the size of its opponent. The battle at Puebla against Napoleon III’s French Army began at dawn. The Mexicans lost 100...
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You've been Hijacked!!!
To “hijack” is essentially to commandeer something and force it to go in a different direction. Emotional hijacking happens when the part of our brain that processes emotions is...
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Let it Slide
So yesterday you poured yourself a coffee and went into another room with your happy shiny mood. Are you still hiding in there? Sooner or later we need to figure out how to coexist with someone...
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Catch the Happy "Bug"
Emotions are contagious. Someone else’s mood and associated behaviours can trigger the same or similar emotions and what are essentially side effects in others. We consciously or...
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