The importance of Jumping in your Workouts

What better time of year than now to add a little more Spring to your steps… and therefore your workouts.

Check out this funny, inspirational video and...root for the bear!

Life can be so unforgivingly tough. Still, never give up. You never know upon which attempt you will be, finally, successful.

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An Extreme Example of Metabolic Conditioning

Metabolic Conditioning refers to any type of training where you push yourself to, or just outside of, your comfort zone for a specific interval.

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Just out of reach...
Oh how it tantalizes, teases, even frustrates: When something is just out of reach. Wouldn’t it feel so good – so empowering, such an accomplishment to be able to reach just that tiny...
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Gaining Inches
Lots of trainers are fabulous at helping people lose inches. Which is exciting. It’s just never really been my “thing”. I get crazy for helping people gain inches. Not in their...
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The benefit of closed doors...
…doesn’t have to be that a window opens. Sometimes one doesn’t. In this case, one of the most powerful advantages of closing doors is that it simplifies your life. Fewer options...
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It's YOUR time.

To make yourself a priority. To take care of yourself. To begin anew. To start to regain any fitness, strength, vitality, centeredness, joy you may have let slide the past few months.

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