The importance of Jumping in your Workouts

What better time of year than now to add a little more Spring to your steps… and therefore your workouts.

Wearing a Mask During Exercise

You would like to wear a mask during exercise because it’s safer… but then are concerned about the dangers of wearing a mask during exercise?! You’re not alone.

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Check out this funny, inspirational video and...root for the bear!

Life can be so unforgivingly tough. Still, never give up. You never know upon which attempt you will be, finally, successful.

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Control, Contentment, & Dying

This piece isn’t really about death. It’s about how gaining control over even the smallest thing in our lives can influence a positive state of mind.

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It All Counts?
I’ve forever expressed this: It all counts. Every step, every breath, every rep. Don’t worry too much about what you’re doing; all movement, exercise, and physical activity is...
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Gaining Inches
Lots of trainers are fabulous at helping people lose inches. Which is exciting. It’s just never really been my “thing”. I get crazy for helping people gain inches. Not in their...
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206 bones? They're all yours...
There is so much that is remarkable about the human skeleton. What often hits me is that our bones really make up our centre. Our actual core. The centre of our toes? Bones. Fingers? Bones? Thigh?...
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To Parents, with love.
Dear Parents, Grandparents, & Caregivers of children and teens: I urged you yesterday that “now is your time to take care of you.” We do this in the face of knowing that for...
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I.T. Band Encore...
As we posted last Monday, the I.T. Band isn’t actually a rock band. The iliotibial band is a long, thick piece of connective tissue that runs down the outside of your thigh. It’s...
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