Martin Heath

Head Squash Professional

During his playing career, Martin ranked as high as World #4 and remained in the top 10 for 6 years. He was also a six time Scottish Champion and one time European Champion during his professional career.

Additionally, he has a long history as a squash coach, being named the US Olympic Committee National Coach of the Year, leading a top NCAA squash program, and acting as a Director of Elite Performance for Team Canada, Team Scotland, Team USA, and Team China.

At the Cambridge Club, we pride ourselves on having a world class squash program. With that said, we allow the opportunity to squash members of all skill levels to get involved, play the game and be a part of a great culture. We teach a wide range of squash enthusiasts from the beginner level to top squash athletes in the country.

Marin beleives that squash should be about fitness, fun, competition, and community. He encourages everyone to get out on the court and play.

  • Ranked World #4, and ranked in the top 10 for 6 years
  • One time European Champion
  • Six time Scottish Champion
  • Ran an NCAA program, elevating them from #28 to #1
  • Director of Elite Performance for Team Canada, Team Scotland, Team USA, & Team China
  • US Olympic Commitee National Coach of the Year

Martin believes that players need to build a basic structure and improve their movement to simplify the game and create goals. Once the player is proficient with the basic structure, Martin will help to encourage creativity in their game.

For beginners, Martin can structure lessons that focus more on hitting and rhythm or can be very technical. If the player has specific interests or questions, Martin is happy to let the session be student driven.


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