Sean O'Neil

Personal Training & Clinic Director

Training and personal training has been a passion of mine for years. I completed numerous personal training courses while working full time in finance. I changed gears and made training my career in 2018.

I work with all types of clients from young to old, from inexperienced to top level athletes. It is very satisfying to be able to help people; whether it is helping someone recover from a surgery, move better, reach a goal, complete a race, get stronger, etc.

Training Philosophy:

I'm always pushing to bring out the best in a person while maintaining a safe environment.

  • RTS - Resistance Training Specialist
  • DTS - Level 1
  • DTS - Kettlebell
I'm currently training for...

Life - I want to live the best and fullest life as I age.

My most proud training or athletic accomplishment is...

I was able to greatly reduce the back pain I was living with for the past 30 years. By doing the correct core and mobility work I was able to pretty much eliminate the back pain.


"I met with Sean after some surgery. He was extremely helpful in my journey back to GREAT health. He took his time to understand my issues and developed a plan to get me back to ACTIVE. We met weekly and he monitored my progress and made adjustments where necessary. I would not be as fit and happy as I am without his knowledge and delivery." - Jim